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During my career I have had the privilege to travel for clients to provide demonstrations, create staff trainings and develop menus (savory & pastry). I have helped various clients, domestic & international, build & shape their brand. I will always be, at my core, a teacher and am constantly willing to share my experience with others via demonstrations, private master classes, parties & events, or private lessons.

Let’s work together

Are you building, for example, a culinary industry brand, restaurant or pastry shop? I can help you develop menus, recipes or advise on operational logistics, which include but are not limited to:

  • how to design your kitchen in the most efficient way;
  • what is the best equipment to use;
  • how to match your restaurant theme with your menu, decor, & staff demeanor.

Demonstrations or master classes, exhibitions or any other event, please send an email to: or contact me by using the contact form.